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COASST documentary takes second place in film festival!

During the past school year, students from the Health and Science High School in Beaverton, OR created a short documentary about COASST’s beached bird program.

Students traveled to Cannon Beach to interview a few beached bird COASSTers and help out with surveys. They also invited Julia Parrish to visit their classroom to learn more about COASST and the beached bird guide.  As participants of PBS Student Reporting Labs, a program created to help students gain a voice in media journalism, the budding documentarians received funding and mentorship to research, film and edit a five minute video. This year’s focus was Citizen Science, which led the students at Beaverton High directly to COASST! Their finished film is showcased along with others on PBS’s website, and exceptional pieces are shown on PBS’s Newshour Program

This video was submitted to a film festival where it won second place in the country for best STEM student report! Congratulations Beaverton students, and thank you to COASSTers Rita, Pete, Pat, and Lori for participating in a day of filming at the beach!

You can view the final video here.

Seabirds and Citizen Science

Students from Beaverton Health and Science High School worked with the Coastal Observation and Seabird Survey Team to learn about citizen science in their backyard.

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2 thoughts on “COASST documentary takes second place in film festival!

  1. I love the COASST Project! I volunteered with them while I was living in Long Beach, WA for several months and it kept me busy! Was always interesting to see what new birds washed up after a storm, glad to see there is now a marine debris/trash component too because I saw so much garbage on our lovely beaches. Keep up the good work COASST volunteers!

  2. Participating in the making of this documentary was so much fun! The students were incredibly disciplined and professional. I am so impressed with the finished product. I have viewed all the entries and theirs is head and shoulders above the others (and definitely on par with the winner!). Sincere congratulations.

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