Welcome home beached bird COASSTers! On this page you will find data sheets, training videos, and answers to our most frequently asked questions about your surveys. If you’d like to join COASST beached bird surveys, please visit the Join Our Team page to read more about our program.

Data Sheets

The latest versions of the COASST data sheets can be found below. You should complete a copy of the Cover Sheet after each survey, but you only need to fill out a Beached Bird Data Sheet if you find birds. Click to download a pdf.

COASST Cover Sheet

This 2-pager is a COASST Cover Sheet with a Beached Bird Data Sheet on the back.

Download file

Beached Bird Data Sheet

This 2-pager is a double sided Beached Bird Data Sheet.

Download file

Paces Per Meter Worksheet

This one-sided worksheet will guide you through the calculation of your paces per meter. We only need this information from you once, when you join our program! After that your personal measurement will be stored in our database.

Download file

Training Videos

From Head to Toe

Want to brush up on your beached bird measurement skills? Here’s a video providing an overview of the bill, wing chord, and tarsus measurements.

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Walk the Line

How do you determine your personal paces per meter measurement? Here’s a video describing the steps pace the beach and complete the paces per meter worksheet.

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Get in the Zone

How do you measure and record each zone on your beach? This video describes zones and pacing.

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Here are answers to our most frequently asked questions. Not finding your question here? Feel free to email or call the COASST office.