Here you’ll find current and past news stories involving COASST, as well as Science Updates, Fact Sheets about seabird die-offs, and videos highlighting our work.

Science Updates

These are special publications highlighting recent research and peer-reviewed scientific papers.

Video Publications

Does Knowing the People Make the Science Better? COASST, Climate Change and COVID-19

Julia Parrish’s keynote address to the NASA Summer of Citizen Science community (virtual webinar) in August 2020.

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COVID Clouds and Silver Linings: The Value of Citizen Science in a Pandemic

Julia Parrish presents at the August 2020 HMSC Science on Tap (virtual webinar)

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Cool COASSTal Stories

May 1, 2020. Executive Director Julia Parrish shares three stories about the people and science that make up COASST: marine debris pattern comparisons between Oregon and Puget Sound, a Common Murre die-off in 2015-16, and mass Velella velella strandings. She is joined by Advisory Board member Bill Tweit (WDFW) and Science Coordinator Hillary Burgess.

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A Wing, A Bill, or A Foot

COASST Documentary film produced by the NW Documentary and the Documentary Explorers Camp at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI)

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Optimizing Data Quality and Participant Retention in Hands-on Citizen Science

April 10, 2019 presentation to the UW College of the Environment. This talk pokes at what the “right” blend of high-to-low tech might be to optimize data quality and participant retention in a hands-on, repeated activity CitSci project.

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What dead birds tell us about ecosystems

COASST Executive Director, Julia Parrish, discusses what dead birds tell us about ecosystems and the COASST Beached Birds Program

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Marine conservation biologist Julia K. Parrish – ScienceLives

COASST Executive Director, Julia Parrish, describes COASST and her career as a marine conservation biologist.

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Champions of Change: Citizen Science

At the White House COASST Executive Director, Julia Parrish, receives the Champion of Change Award (Julia speaks at 11:05).

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Seabirds and Citizen Science

Students from Beaverton Health and Science High School worked with the Coastal Observation and Seabird Survey Team to learn about citizen science in their backyard.

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