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Avian Influenza: 2022 headlines

Updated September 12, 2022

The health and safety of COASST surveyors on the beach is always our primary concern – we’ve summarized best practices for dead bird handling on this page, and will continue to keep that page updated with CDC recommendations and case reports in the US over the coming months.

This post will track reports of Avian Influenza in wild birds around the world, through news reports. You can read a brief overview of the evolving situation here, here, or here.


‘We’re nervous.’ Deadly bird flu may be in North America to stay:, August 23

Nome bird contracts Avian Influenza: KNOM, August 8

Two cases of suspected avian flu found in Nunavut: Nunatsiaq News, August 5

Avian Influenza virus detected in wild birds in Butte & Glenn counties: ABC, July 15

Bird flu cripples US Caspian Tern colonies: Bird Guides, July 17

Bird Flu Confirmed in Rhode Island: GoLocal, July 13

Bird flu kills nearly 1,500 threatened Caspian terns on Lake Michigan islands: WKAR Public Media, June 29

Hundreds of Dead Birds Wash Up on Martha’s Vineyard: Officials Fear Bird Flu: NBC Boston, June 29

Avian influenza cases have doubled statewide, but no reports from the North Slope yet: The Arctic Sounder, June 23

Regional Birds Sent To Lab To Be Tested For Avian Flu: Nome Nugget, June 23


RSPB confirm bird flu on Grassholm Island after spate of gannet deaths: itvNews, August 5

Bird flu restrictions imposed on Calf of Man over dead seabirds: BBC, July 28

Farne Islands avian flu outbreak kills thousands of birds in ‘unprecedented wildlife tragedy’: The Telegraph, July 25

“The Scale Is Hard to Grasp”: The Avian Flu Is a Catastrophe for Seabirds: Mother Jones, July 23

Bird flu confirmed in seabirds found dead on Isle of Man coast: BBC, July 22

Podcast ‘Falling from the sky in distress’: the deadly bird flu outbreak sweeping the world: The Guardian, July 19

DAERA confirms further positive test results for Avian Influenza in wild seabirds: DAERA notice, July 11

‘Never seen anything like it’: Avian flu could halve world’s largest gannet colony’s population: itvNEWS, July 4

Country diary: Avian flu is devastating the seabirds of the Northern Isles: The Guardian, June 25

St Kilda bird flu deaths spark extinction fears for great skua: BBC, June 22

Avian influenza: Northern gannets on Bass Rock hit by bird flu: The Herald, June 16

Avian flu has jumped from chickens to wild birds and is spreading fast: The Conversation, June 14

Bird flu continuing to circulate in UK seabirds, RSPB warns: Farming UK, June 11

Hundreds of seabirds wash up on Scots shores as avian flu spreads: The Scottish Sun, June 7

Bird flu outbreak kills seabirds in UK with warning of ‘rapid and devastating’ spread of new strain: iNews, June 2

Thousands of birds dying as avian flu runs riot among seabird colonies: Shetland News, May 31

Hundreds of dead birds washed up on Solway Coast amid avian flu: BBC, February 6


To hunt or not to hunt: Avian flu leads to duck hunters’ dilemma: CBC, September 11

Hundreds of dead gulls found as ‘unprecedented’ avian flu outbreak continues in Nova Scotia: CBC, September 10

3 cases of avian flu now suspected in Nunavut: CBC, August 19

Preliminary test results show avian influenza in seabird populations in Newfoundland: Saltwire, July 28

Avian flu responsible for thousands of dead birds in Newfoundland, suggest preliminary tests: CBC, July 22

Marine birds in N.L. are still dying, this time possibly because of avian flu: CBC, July 19

Highly pathogenic avian influenza zones: Canadian Food Inspection Agency, updated regularly

Thousands of Gulf of St. Lawrence seabirds likely dead of avian flu: CBC, June 14

Hundreds of birds dead or dying of avian flu land on Cape Breton shores: CBC, June 6

Strain of highly pathogenic avian influenza kills thousands of birds in Quebec: CBC, June 1

International: Other

Bird flu: More cases discovered along north coast: BBC, July 12

Avian flu confirmed in dead birds found on Rathlin Island: BBC, July 9

More than 20 wild birds at Hualien Creek estuary died abnormally and were sent for examination to confirm H5N1 infection: UDN, May 28 (google translate required to read!)

5,000 dead cranes counted at Hula Lake reserve amidst bird flu outbreak: Times of Israel, December 26, 2021.

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