Explore unique views into the stories surrounding the COASST dataset through story maps, videos, art installations, and podcasts  Рall featuring COASST!

Story Maps

Science storytelling in a visual format.

How Marine Heatwaves are Changing Ocean Ecosystems

What we learned from a massive seabird die-off in the north Pacific

An interactive NPS Story Map. 2020


Science storytelling in a audio format.

Citizen Science

COASST episode

Scistarter podcast featuring an interview with Hillary Burgess and Dee Ritchie, 2019


Seabird Memorial

Originally scheduled to show at the 2020 Kachemak Bay Shorebird Festival, Homer, Alaska, artist, Kim Mcnett, created representations of the beached seabirds she observed in August 2019 while on a fat tire bike trip from Kotzebue to Point Hope.

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COASST and BCBBS Seabird Die Off Stories

In this video, COASST and BCBBS team up to present on seabird mortality events at the PSEMP Nearshore_SSEC presentations on May 21, 2020

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